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This project will support an existing, firmly established network of International Agribusiness MBA programmes providing training for practicing managers and graduates in the field of Business Management addressed mainly to the agribusiness sector and aimed at managers in full-time employment who wish to improve their managerial skills and competence, as well as recent graduates aiming to improve their prospects on the job market. This network programme was established at Warsaw Agricultural University (SGGW - Poland) in 1995 under the auspices of the International MBA Board. This Board consists of partners from co-operating academic institutions: Scottish Agricultural College (UK), University College Cork (Ir), Wageningen Agricultural University (NL), SGGW Warsaw(Pl), Prague Agricultural University (Cz) University of Debrecen (Hu). The programme has been adopted by the Agricultural University in Prague (the Czech Republic) and Debrecen University (Faculty of Agriculture) in Hungary. The role of the Board is to supervise training activities and to accredit existing programmes. It is intended to extend the programme to other accession and candidate countries(Romania) and in order to establish a Pan-European MBA programme in Agribusiness management.
The Programme has now reached a stage where to both improve and expand its impact within the new situation of an enlarged European Union it must develop higher quality and more accessible teaching and learning materials to fully exploit greater potential benefits.
The proposal is to develop the teaching and learning materials in the programme to a common approved standard. Flexible learning materials include; subject work books, case studies, exercises and other teaching materials which would be placed on a newly created website to be accessed by both academic staff at the various Institutions and participating students.
In order to improve the quality of teaching a set of commonly approved, standardized teaching materials will be developed. Specifically the project is designed to develop:
  • Handbooks for modules taught within 7 courses of the MBA programs: Public Policy, Economics, Management, Marketing, Finance, Operational Methods and International Agribusiness
  • Case study material suitable for Pan-European learning
  • Distance Learning materials to support traditional teaching methods
Handbooks and case studies will be put on websites and will be accessible for teachers and students from all academic institutions participating in the project.
Materials will be developed by teams of experts in specific fields from different Universities. The whole set of materials will be prepared in English, but for modules taught in national languages the translation will be provided.
Another product of the project will be quality assurance standards to be applied by all MBA programs and an accreditation procedure for the International Board.

The proposals stem from the new realities of competitive opportunities within the more global and integrated agribusiness sector.
Existing and potential managers, as part of the sectors adaptive strategies, need to update their knowledge and skills. Relevant and high quality teaching and training materials can best be developed through sharing mutual experiences between leading institutions from all parts of the enlarged EU.
Easier access by students and teachers alike can be achieved by utilizing opportunities provided by IT.

Leonardo da Vinci Project Co-ordinator:

Teaching Materials and Quality Assurance Standard for the Network of MBA Programs in "Agribusiness Management".

Warsaw Agricultural University, Poland
Edward Majewski
tel. +4822 5934216